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Hi I'm Zero
My Projects:

Sky's Journey/Sky's Past story's (On Life Support. probably gonna write a summary and leave it at that)


Just wanna see who is the fan favourite
Zero as Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario) by xMAJ3ST1CL0RDx
Zero as Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)
I don't know...but i really want to get the game again and replay it
I tried a new program and shading is it better?
Also i know i skipped the star pattern in the cape but ya know...i'm impatient so i would've quit before i finished
Zero Amiibo by xMAJ3ST1CL0RDx
Zero Amiibo
Looks cool, right?

EDIT: Right after i uploaded this i realized that the top layer (The extra details [the amiibo in the packaging]) is kind of off...can't fix i already tried

EDIT 2: I didn't like the first look so i re-did it i. All i really did was make it American packaging (It was AUS) and make Zero larger. That's about it
A/N Since i've put Sky's Journey on hiatus (a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity) due to a lack of motivation i've had many different ideas linger in and out of my mind. i thought i'd try a brand new storyline and a separate universe to Sky. I wanted to create a Kanto story with Leaf and Red, because reasons. I'll go for as long as i can before i run fresh out of juice and stop just like i did with Sky. Also this is going to be suited for an older audience. (Hey i can do what i want) you know just some course language and some violence. (nothing over the top) .also if i think i could go some where with this and if i get far enough i may make a sequel where they go to Johto. Any way enough chatter let's get on with this.

The sun rose over Pallette Town, Pidgey flew to get their prey, Trainers got up and continued their journeys and others lay in bed. Leaf Archer ,trying to sleep in as always, turned away from the glare that the window let in. The glare for her was always a problem for the 14 year old.
"Ugh...why did i put my bed here...?"
Leaf groaned as she rolled out of her bed. Leaf walked over to her closet and stared into the mirror. Leaf was chubby at best. Always being cooped up inside most days took some toll on the young lady's body. She pinched and poked at her belly for a bit.
"ok enough of that" Leaf thought as she picked out  her outfit.
Just a casual T-shirt and sweat pants. Leaf lacked body confidence, and was teased by the other girls for her weight. Leaf went down stairs and got herself some breakfast.
"Another day, another hassle" She sighed as she reached in the pantry for a box of cerial.
Leaf looked around a bit before realising that there was no cerial left.
"Damn my appetite!" she snapped before storming out the pantry.
"what's the fuss?" Leaf's mother asked.
"Out of cerial..." Leaf sighed.
"what, again!?" Leaf's mother snapped.
"i suppose i'll have to make you something won't i?"
"guess so" Leaf replied.
Leaf's mother went to make her some breakfast. leaf had some other things on her mind.
"I guess some Splatoon would be a good pass time" Leaf thought as she went upstairs.


Red Tyson, had just finished his morning stroll. Nothing relaxed him more than a nice long walk. Red thought about giving his best friend a visit.
"hmm...she'd probably be playing Splatoon if i know her well enough" Red thought to himself.
"Red time for breakfast!" Red's mother called.
"Coming!!" Red ran down to the kitchen.
"Hope you like it darling" Red's mother put the plate of toast and eggs.
"Thanks Mum!" Red grinned as he dug in to his meal.
Red finished up his food and decided that he should give his friend a visit. as he got up from his seat the phone ran.
"I got it!" Red yellled as he ran for the phone.
"hello?" Red greeted.
"Hey Red! It's Oak"
"Oh! hey Prof."
"Is your mother around? Need to ask her something"
"Sure i'll get her" Red put the phone down.
"Mum!! It's for you!" Red called.
"Ok coming" Red's mother replied
Red's mother came down the stairs and picked up the phone. Red decided to hang around just incase. Afterall he was a 14 year old waiting to get his first pokemon.
"Yeah sure. ok i'll send him up. You too. Ok bye!" Red's mother put the phone down.
"Hey Red! Today is the day!" She cheered.
"REALLY!?" Red started jumping up and down in excitement.
"Oak is expecting you. Don't be late!" Red's mother advised him.
"ok i won't!" Red replied already at the door.
Red ran down the street trying to remember where Oak's lab was.
"Argh! why now? why do i forget where it is now!?" Red started getting tense.
"I know! Leaf has a good view from her house! maybe i cna get a good look there." Red turned and ran for his friend's house.


"YEAH!!! Take that losers!" Leaf yelled as her team won another turf war.
"Leaf!! It's ready!" her mother called.
"Damn" Leaf turned off her Wii U and headed downstairs.
Leaf grabbed her plate and sat down. When there was a knock at the door.
"I got it!" Leaf's mother called.
All she got in response was muffled grunts as her daughter tried to speak with her mouth ful of food.
"Ah Red! What a plesant surprise!" Leaf's mother smiled.
"Hello Ms.Archer may i come inside?" Red asked.
"Sure!" Ms. Archer moved so Red could enter.
Red entered the kitchen and saw that Leaf had her back turned to the door.
"Give her a nice hello..." Red smirked as he crept up behind Leaf.
Leaf went to grab another piece of toast. She opened her mouth and seconds later realised she bit into air.
"Mornin' Leaf" Red teased biting into the toast he just stole from her.
"why you!" Leaf's aggression subsided.
"What brings you here Red?" Leaf asked.
"Today is the day Leaf, today is the day" Red explained.
"No. Way!" Leaf fan girled a bit.
"let me finish my breakfast and we'll get going!" Leaf grabbed the last of her breakfast and shoved it in her mouth.
"Arr ite, et's ohh!!" Leaf exclaimed as she chewwed her food.
"I need to see where the lab is first...i kinda forgot"
Leaf swallowed her food. "WHAT!? YOU FORGOT!?" leaf snarled.
"I know you can see nearly all of Pallette Town from your room so i thought i could get a view from there" Red explained.
without speaking Leaf headed to her room. When they got up there Red ran for the window.
"where is it..." Red looked around for a bit.
"THERE!" Red pointed to a lone building on top of a hill.
"Wait a hill? Y-you never said anything about a hill" Leaf's legs already started to ache.
"Come on Leaf! Let's get out Pokemon!!"
Birhtday!!! part 2 (read desc) by xMAJ3ST1CL0RDx
Birhtday!!! part 2 (read desc)
I know it's low quality but i don't have a better camera
So if you can't tell what these are i'll list them
Wii U Splatoon Deluxe Edition
Mario Kart (h)8
Smash 4
Nintendo Land
Splatoon (Duh)

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