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Freddy Fazbear:
[X] You can be sneaky and trick people
[] You're considered 'tough' or 'in charge'
[ ] Nobody messes with you
[] You like to sing, even if you're good or bad at it
[/] You like having all the attention
[] Many people look up to you

TOTAL: 1.5


Chica the Chicken:
[X] You like cooking
[X] You simply adore food/eating
[X] Pizza is one of your favorite foods
[] You're very social
[] You like to make new friends
[X] You're an early bird; you get up and move around quickly



Bonnie the Bunny:
[] You're almost considered the third wheel
[] You're very concerned about your friends and family and those you love
[] People underestimate you
[] You're tougher than you look
[ ] You're physically DISABLED/have a born problem
[] You become attached to your friends and will stop at nothing to protect them



Foxy the PIRATE Fox:
[/] You're adventurous
[X] You're shy and closed off to those you aren't close to
[X] You are afraid of making mistakes
[/] You're swift and NIMBLE
[ ] You've done something that's ruined your entire life
[X] You hate being watched



Toy Freddy:
[ ] You've replaced someone
[] Looks can be deceiving to you
[/] People say you look very friendly
[] Your friends say you're scary when angry
[/] You can tell when someone's lying
[] It's hard to get around you without punishment



Toy Chica:
[ ] You've replaced someone
[ ] You love fashion
[ ] You like to look your best and put on makeup
[ ] You love to party
[/] You like cupcakes
[] You have a very watchful eye

TOTAL: 0.5


Toy Bonnie:
[ ] You've replaced someone
[ ] People often mistake you for the opposite gender
[/] You are very clever
[ ] You've copied a certain style or look from someone
[ ] You're constantly on the move
[ ] It's hard to shake you off once you're onto something

TOTAL: 0.5


Mangle / Toy Foxy:
[ ] You've been abused
[X] People pick on you (used to)
[] Your bite is worse than your bark
[X] You feel alone
[X] You don't like it when people push you around
[X] You hold grudges



The Puppet / Marionette:
[] People say you're a trickster or a clown; you're goofy
[] You know a lot more than people think you do
[X] You don't like to lose your cool
[ ] Some people say you're evil or two-faced
[/] You are pretty good at solving things
[ ] In the end, you like having the last laugh

TOTAL: 1.5


Balloon Boy:
[/] You act like a child
[/] You know how to get on peoples' nerves
[ /] You ENJOY making people irritated
[] Some people say you're immature
[] You laugh at a lot of things, even if some people don't find it funny
[X] You like to stick close to your friends

TOTAL: 2.5


Golden Freddy:
[/ ] You're a downright outcast
[X] You feel forgotten
[X] You like to strike when people least expect it
[/] People say you're one of a kind
[X] Something terrible happened to you in your past
[X] You have something unique that sets you away from other people


YOU ARE: Golden Freddy  
Five Nights At Freddy's Meme
Found it on my friend's page and i decided to do it. Hehe
20 to go :)/:(

"Wow this gym looks so awesome!" Sky admired the scenery.
"Welcome to my gym" a voice called. "ah Drayden i've been looking forward to this" Sky reached for his first pokeball. "Sky, i've heard much about your extrodinary powers and the whole fact that you have 2 legendary pokemon at your disposal with just 6 badges" Drayden explained. Sky felt like his privacy had been invaded with that but he had shown off the legendaries and powers in public so word would spread. "So send out your first pokemon.

"Palkia!" Sky threw the pokeball. "Hmph easily predicted Druddigon" Drayden threw his pokeball. "Special rend" Sky commanded. Palkia did as Sky commanded and one-shotted Druddigon. "I see go with the legendary...hardly a fair fight" Drayden teased. "Palkia return. Lucario!" Sky threw Lucario's pokeball. "Ahh good to be out of the ol' pokeball" Lucario did a bit of streaching before being ready. "Alright now i'm ready" Lucario started jumping around a bit. "Flygon" Drayden sent his pokeball out. "Lucario use that new move i thought you" Sky commanded. (i can't explain it well enough to keep it a secret) Lucario used the new move almost one-shotting Flygon. "Grr...Dragon Pulse" Drayden was running out of ideas. "Lucario finish it" Sy commanded. Lucario used Dragon Pulse again. "Alright last pokemon. Haxorus!" Drayden yelled. "Lucario use Dragon Pulse again!" Sky commanded. "Outrage!!" Drayden yelled. "Both pokemon charged at eachother.

Suddenly the ground started shaking. "Uh oh... EARTHQUAKE!!!" Sky ran out of the building. "i won't concider it a forfeit if i were in his shies i would do the same" Dryaden ran for the front door and stood in the middle of it. "Kid! this is the safest area stand next to me" Drayden yelled. Sky followed his command as bulidings began to crack and break. "My god...these earthquakes ger worse and worse" Sky looks out on the city. "Well we have suspected that Groudon may be behind this" Drayden explained. "but isn't it in Hoenn?" Sky asked. "well it has been rumoured for a while that Groudon fled to Unova since there was more land here and there was still water to that Kyogre could find it" Drayden explained. "And that explains the extreme weather lately" Sky thought.

Suddenly the pokemon center cracked, collapsed and fell into the ground. "Bianca" Sky gasped. "Who?" Drayden asked. "A friend who was in the pokemon center" sky explained. "lets just hope she's fine" Drayden looked over the hole where the pokemon center used to be when a large red creature with glowing orange marking and the 'omega' symbol emmerged from where the pokemon center once was. "The tales were true...Primal Groudon"
Alright again it's been a while (well excluding the previous one since that was written LOOOONG before release since i thought it was out) and i have some plans that should last a bit and with OR/AS just 14 days away (when this was made) in Australia well read to find out. Plus X/Y has been out long enough for me to resort to using maps and the internat to remember Unova :I

"Numerous tremours and vicous waves have been resently appearing all over Unova. Some Scientists are on the case and may think that a legendary pokemon may be behind this" The TV was sharing information about the sudden weather patterns.
Ever since Sky and Bianca arrived in Opelucid there have been severe storms, extremly hot days, numerous tremors and savage waves in the ocean. It was about 1am Sky was barely awake in a room lit only by the TV. "I've heard rumours about 2 legendary pokemon that could control weather...Kyogre and Groudon...but why in Unova, their respective reigon is Hoenn. Why here, why now?" Sky thought in his barely awakened state.

It had been about a week since Sky arrived in Opelicid but the gym had so may resevations that he had to wait about a week so hopefully he could challenge Drayden tomorrow.

Bianca walked out to the room Sky was in. He was asleep with a potato chip in his mouth. "Ugh Sky c'mon wake up. That front desk guy who makes the reservations called earlier. Your match is today!" Bianca yelled. Sky mumbled something and turned away. "SKY!!!" She yelled again. "Huh wha?" Sky sleepishly mummbled. "C'mon you need to get there soon or else you'll be cancelled" Bianca warned. "Can't you just move it until tomorrow?" Sky asked "no i can't unless you want to wait 2 more weeks" Bianca grew annoyed. Sky closed his eyes. "How much sleep have you had?" Bianca asked. "2 and a half hours" Sky answered sleepishly. "WHAT!? 2 and a half hours!? this simply will not do" Bianca walked out and came back with a glass of water and slashed Sky. "Nice job Bianca, you got my shirt wet" Sky seemed annoyed (if you get the reference 10 points) "well sorry you were so tired i had too" Bianca snapped. "whatever lets just go"

When Sky arrived at the Opelucid gym he wat drenched in sweat. "God...another droughted day...what's with the weather lately" Sky puffed. "ahh air-con this feels nice"
"Sky was it?" The front desk guy asked. "Yup that's me!" Sky walked up to the desk. "Alright you can procede into the the arena Drayden is waiting" The guy explained. "alright seventh gym badge here i come!" Sky felt excited…

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Hi I'm xMAJ3ST1CL0RDx I'd like to keep my full name to my friends and myself perhaps later I'll put it up later.

My Projects:

Sky's Journey (Still going)
Sky's Past story's (Still going)
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Something to do with this guy:… (Coming Soon)
So it's been a year since i joined Deviant art and i'm so happy for it! I'd like to thank everyone who has Favorited, watched and commented on my work it means so much to me! Thank you so much! but i've been busy latly that's why i'm not submitting frequently i have my ict assessment coming up so i'll be averting a lot more time on that

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