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Check out my intro for my youtube videos in the link above
Check out the vid here:…
" can't be...just...just no" Sky backed away from the pokemon "G-Genesect..." Bianca backed away from it as well. Genesect hissed replying to its name. "Uhh Return" Sky said nervously. Sky wiped his forehead "oh god that was scary...why would Grandpa give me a-a Genesect?" Sky asked himself "He has no idea about the plasma incident" Bianca explained. "Yeah" Sky agreed. "Well now what?" Sky asked "now we enjoy the cake Hugh sent you" Bianca said happily " thanks i'm not hungry..." Sky went to walk away but Bianca forced him to sit down "Come on it's your birthday at least blow out the candles where's your birthday spirit?" Bianca asked. "i can't find it today..." Sky sighed "Look i know this is sad but come on its your birthday cheer up at least...for me?" Bianca asked soothingly "Bianca i told you i just don't feel like it..." Sky answered. "Ok we about we go out progress to Opelucid and beat the gym then go down the marine tunnel?" Bianca asked "Looking like this? my eyes are as red as a pokeball" Sky snapped "Look Sky i know its hard but you've just got to face the problem that your sister's come on i'll force you to blow out your candles if i have to" Bianca threatened softly. "Fine i'll do it" Sky sighed. "Wait..." Bianca interupted "What?" Sky asked "Can i take a look at you eyes?" She asked "Yeah sure" Sky said doubtfuly. "Your eye's are usualy blue right?" Bainca asked "Yeah..." Sky answered "Well it seems your eyes aren't blue...but red!" Bianca said in shock "Yeah what about it?" Sky asked "it's just weird that you have red eyes now" Bianca said. "Well uhh perhaps its because of the title...or the chemical side effects...but who cares..." Sky shrugged. "Hey wait i have an idea" Bianca put the room in total darkness. "Yeah your eyes glow... all i can see are your eyes but what can you see?" Bianca asked "Everything..." Sky answered. "ok so the eyes give you night vision another power to add to the list" Bianca explained. "Ok can we go now?" Sky asked "Yeah fine..." Bianca sighed. "thanks now shall we get moving" Sky ordered. "Ok lets go"
Sky's Journey Part 78
I'm sitting here with my fae in my palm laughing my head off. Thinking this was out omfg lmfao
Ashleigh by xMAJ3ST1CL0RDx
A mysterious person. Find out who he is in the 100th installment (finale) of Sky.

I don't normally give credit but i have a gun to my head so i have to give credit or i die (Jokes)
Credit to the site Dream Selfy
Pikachu by xMAJ3ST1CL0RDx
This is something i did at a friend's house and used some drawing pad thingie. A graphic tablet she tells me. Pretty good for my first time right????


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Hi I'm xMAJ3ST1CL0RDx I'd like to keep my full name to my friends and myself perhaps later I'll put it up later.

My Projects:

Sky's Journey (Still going)
Pokemon mystery dungeon (Cancelled)
Sky's Past story's (Still going)
Cloud Age Regression (Still going)
Something to do with this guy:… (Coming Soon)
So it's been a year since i joined Deviant art and i'm so happy for it! I'd like to thank everyone who has Favorited, watched and commented on my work it means so much to me! Thank you so much! but i've been busy latly that's why i'm not submitting frequently i have my ict assessment coming up so i'll be averting a lot more time on that

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